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that is indeed a head scratcher.

surely we can still supersample ( or pimax equiv ) the 5k headset for better visuals , the OG vive on a 1080ti is much nicer than on a 1060

I just read the further update, holy fuck its rendering at 6-8k first no wonder it was crucifying 1070’s.
guessing this means the upscaler was producing a jaggy mess with the 5k feed.

I think the deal is 8K is uprated from 1440 = 1440x2880 to 8k the 5k is native @ 1440x2550 which is 300 lines less per eye

@anon23564932, yes, I understand. However, the problem that I refer to apparently still exists: On a computer which has never run VR before (like mine), you currently must have TWO (2) basestations to successfully configure “room scale” VR in Steam. Once you have done that, you can remove 1 of the basestations and it will work fine.

As I understand it, you cannot use 1 basestation, unless you have 2 basestations, so that you can complete the install process.

That means that (currently) any of your backers who have only ordered 1 basestation (like me) can NOT use it. Please have someone work with Valve / Steam, to fix this problem.

Thank you.


Well, this isn’t a Pimax issue. The Vive would encounter the exact same issue. Valve indeed needs to fix that in steamVR.

You might want to ping @SweViver about this. Even if not getting a direct answer, surely SweViver will test it and we will get the information at some point.

Yes, but someone needs to pressure Valve to fix it. This issue has be a problem for many months. Pimax promoted the idea that 1 basestation is a viable setup, but it’s not, if you must own 2, to use only 1. This is an issue which will make Pimax look bad, since apparently there are numerous backers like me, who only ordered 1 basestation.

I’m pretty sure he has mentioned it, recently. But you’re right, he needs to report it as a beta tester, if he has not yet done so.

The info was exactly what I wrote yesterday in another post already :slight_smile: this is a SteamVR setup issue for all compatible headseys and not Pimax 8K related. Im sure they will find a way to fix this upon launch. Dont worry.


Sorry, I didn’t see that post. Thanks!

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Thanks for the quick reply and assurance!

Even though it may not be “Pimax 8K related”, Pimax did promote this as a valid setup, which encouraged some backers to only order 1 basestation. Therefore, they do need to work with Valve to fix this by the time Pimax starts shipping accessories.


Or they can give us an option to buy/loan second base station.

Thanks for highlight this, we are getting new computers to reproduce the issue.


Don’t really need to buy an entirely new pc for this :slight_smile: just do a full reinstall on one for testing :smiley:


Hi neal
thx for pointing that out - that is really a big thing for many backers IMO

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Do you have any new information about this issue?

FAQs updated here:


@Heliosurge @neal_white_iii The Q&A in this thread is now obsolete. No need to have people responding here.

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Closed, as requested.