Render quality and SteamVR Super sample question

Quick question (hopefully).

With a render quality of 1 and SteamVR SS @ 100%, I get an indicated resolution in SteamVR of 3836x3160.
With a render quality of 2 and SteamVR SS @ 100%, does this double the indicated resolution in SteamVR? So i will see 7672x6320 in FPSVR for example? Or is it not that clear cut.

I’m not going to be-able to test this myself for a while.


Not sure on Values. But generally where an ap allows better to have a pi render between 1 and 2 with SteamVR SS in Auto mode or based on recommended % in Steam SS to bump it up from there for best pic.

Yes, Pitool uses choosen multiplier for horisontal pixels, and for vertical pixels too.

SteamVR uses his multiplier (called supersampling) on total number of pixels shown.
That means if you have i.E. 100x100 pixels (=10k) shown in steam vr on 100% ss, then 200% would be 141x141 (=20k) , and not 200x200 (=40k).

If we talk here on forum about supersampling and resolution in some game, we talk mostly about total vertical resolution - then we understand each other no matter how you dial your resolution.

I.e. for IL-2 I use normanl FOV, 90Hz and 3160 vert. resolution.