[Request] An 8k Super

I don’t know if this is the right category but I have an idea. Because upscaling 1440p to 4k gives the same performance as running native 1440p, in theory, Pimax could make an 8k super, running unscaled 4K at 180Hz like the 5k super. This would offer greater image quality and reduced sde at crazy high refresh rates.

Edit: Like I said, 1440p upscaled to 4k has the SAME PERFORMANCE as native 1440p.

They are struggling to get 90hz Native to perform stable due to running into the maximum transmission speed of display port. So you propose to double the throughput how exactly? (assuming the refresh rate is even supported by the panel)

That’s running at native 4k. I’m talking about upscaled 4k. I’m not sure if it’s possible, I just thought it was a cool idea.

If you want potato FOV or less and crippled game performance then sure 4K at 180Hz sounds good.

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I’ve said this a few times now, upscaled 1440p to 4k, which has the same performance as native 1440p. It would probably have multiple refresh rates at different fovs.

The 5k super has 1440p displays and uses the bridging chip of the 8KX and 8K+ to achieve extra frames. (Up to 180hz on potato fov, but 120hz on normal fov mode)

The 8K+ uses upscaling on a 1440p signal to 4k displays and achieves 90hz. The 5k super doesn’t use upscaling.

What you’re suggesting is the 8K+, as it already upscales a 1440p signal to 4k, and it has a 4k display. It might be possible to get more frames with a better display port version (2.0) or HDMI 2.1, but so far 90hz is the most they can do with the upscaling.

For $300 extra though you’re better off buying the 8kx which can use both a 1440p upscaled to 4k and native 4k input on the same 4k display, and the native 4k has a 90hz option in beta which is being worked on.

No. It’s 110 Hz on the 8K+:

110Hz Refresh Rate

And 114 if I recall correctly on the 8KX.

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My bad I was going off of memory, did they end up fixing the 110-118hz modes?


Not sure on the + but it works on the X.

Can’t remember if it’s 114 or 118 though. Tried it once… :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t buy the X to run it upscaled… :wink:


I think the confusion here originates WHERE the upscaling actually happens and physical limits . It’s NOT about performance, it’s about bandwidth. We cannot push more than 4K @90 with current connection and pushing lower res and upscale in the headset is in fact exactly what we have with the 8K X, as it needs full resolution displays. And as per @DrWilken once compared, you rather decide to save up for a GPU to do that headset justice. If you want higher refresh rate, wait and save up for another year or 2.

Or, a better upscaler :wink: anyway, new headset, new game. But this force is strong with Pimax!


Yes, but only in the “upscale” mode.

When running it in “native” mode it is, as far as I understand, sending the full (2 x 4k) resolution (minus what’s not rendered in the sides) to the headsets bridge chip, bypassing the upscaler.

Even if You supersample it’s still the same resolution “being sent” (depending on FOV mode) and at 90 Hz it’s presumably at or very close to the limits of what can be done (bandwidth wise) with DP 1.4 + DSC currently.

At least that’s my understanding of how it works and I might of course be wrong… :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly, what I meant…

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