Request for my headset please

Hi Pimax.
Can I have mine dipped in chrome with the led moving side to side.
Cylon Helmet style.
Not too much too ask for, everyone else is asking for stupid shit so why not.
At least I’m asking nicely
K thanks bye :wink:


I want mine black, and a red led moving side to side Knight Rider style… I also want the headset to be able to speak to me and respond to the name Pi (both Pie and Pee sounds). That would be awesome. Thanks.


Continuing the discussion from [Updated 0920] Pimax 5K+/8K FAQ:

Both of these seem like reasonable requests. Pimax specifically asked us what colors and patterns we wanted on the LED. So good job telling what you wanted, but bad job calling it stupid. Pimax listens to our feedback, we won’t always get exactly what we want but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask or suggest anything.

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I like it :slight_smile:

I’m gonna see if I can 3D print a new casing or 3 :slight_smile:
There’s some pretty funky looking filament out there :smiley:

Sparkly red !!!


Shiny red

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That must be an 8k condom for movie watching purposes ? :slight_smile:


I want antennae!! and dipped in gold! with red cylon style lighting! and I want it to make me breakfast!
I’ll even pay a whole extra dollar if you throw in a dog!

I’ll bet he never saw that coming! :smiley:

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What?!! You want it to listen to you making “pee” sounds! Yuck! :scream:


Now THAT is freaking AWESOME!! This is real service! Thank you!!! ROFL!!!
Dang! That’s some nice work!

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