[Request] Pimax, can you please release a silicone face cover

Hi @PimaxVR, @pimax, @PimaxUSA, @PimaxQuorra

summer is coming :slight_smile: and yet I still do love my Pimax 8KX.

Only one thing is currently missing: A hygenic silicone vr cover.

VR Cover - Silicone Quest 2 Cover

Can you please create a silicone cover or work with vrcover on a pimax version for this.

Otherwise my pimax might take a break untill fall this yar :frowning:

Looking forward for this cover from pimax, vrcover or other brand.

I do hope that i am not the only one looking desperatly for this.

Best Regards



Brilliant idea sir! Maybe we should give a try to contact with VR Cover on this.
If it does happen, this would be great for our users.



VR Cover acknowledging Pimax would be epic.


Didn’t Pimax show VRCover branded PU leather covers in one of their earlier video…?


It was actually our own PU leather cover and use them at shows like CES, etc… When covid came along and globally no public events etc. we tabled that for a while.

Now that all of the public events are returning I’m sure we’ll release it at some point.


Hi @PimaxUSA,

that sounds great. Are there any plans for an additional silicone face cover?

The other options sound great, but i am relly looking for a silicone version.

Best Regards

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@PimaxQuorra: Sounds great, please keep us updated. Hope this will be released soon :slight_smile:

So, are we there yet? :rofl: