(Request) Special FOV mode for sim racing and flight sim

If making special FOV possible. It would be great for people who want the most realistic vr simulation experience.

IMO Pimax FOV is large enough for simulating helmet view. Personally Normal FOV is similar with it.

But it has more ‘vertical’ FOV. For the helmet view a helmet cover your nose and exended forward so you could see less vertical angle. I think it waste some horsepower by that. Simulation contents are very demanding if I can get more immersion and performance boost by reducing vertical FOV it would be nice.


Nice idea. Make a vertical fov restriction option in pitools.

That way we could get also 90Hz in the 8kX?


That’s an interesting idea.

It would be nice to know more about what the upscaler can and can’t do. The “dual engine” and hardware scaler is really one of the most promising features - future HMDs can really benefit from flexibility in tradeoffs for resolution vs. refresh rate vs. vertical and horizontal FOV. That’s key whether you want hires panels, wide FOV, or both.

If you want the widest FOV possible. Then the StarVR One is the one I’d recommend :stuck_out_tongue:

he’s asking for the opposite, the pimax is already so wide that it’s more fov than one would get from a racing helmet so it’s LESS immersive. he wants to artificially restrict the FOV more in a specific way to make it feel like wearing a helmet so that it’s MORE immersive while getting a performance benefit.

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+1 great idea 20202020

Hi Lathander,

I made exactly same request 1 year ago:

This option would be really helpful for racing and flight sims.

I really hope that this option would be implemented to Pitool.


Nice job you’ve done dude. Let’s keep push Pimax to accomplish our wish!