Requesting official Modular Audio Strap Instalation/Teardown Guide

Hi @SweViver, I don’t recall if there was a video covering this topic during one of the long pimax day videos.

I couldn’t find any resources, it would be great if there was an official instruction guide or video detailing the proper way to assemble and disassemble the Modular audio strap since a fair amount of users might need to replace their hinges myself included and are not familiar enough with Pimax’s hardware design to be all gung ho about it.

Edit: Removed what I thought to be the steps to disassemble to prevent people from damaging their HMDs.


not quite.

  1. pull the cowl free starting from the nose area…
  2. remove the nut from the hinge / strap.
  3. remove the strap from the hinge, you need to turn the strap for it to be able to separate.
  4. turn the hinge inwards so it can be easily without force be removed from the headset.
    5 assemble in the opposite direction.

Good suggestions, I have recorded and fed back to the Pimax team.


yeah I took almost 2 years to gain the courage to rip the cowling off of my 5k+ so that I can install the eye tracking

it’s on there tight and there are only a few specific places to unclip

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cowling is indeed really tight & it’s handy to pull from nose area but it requires strong force to be applied, it’s much easier on comfort kit now though

How the hell, my hands are killing me trying to pull this thing out.
This sucks

Start around the nose area… :wink:

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