(RESOLVED).Bricked HMD after trying 262 firmware

I do have 5k+ that starts with s/n 2026

Installed the latest ALPHA pitool v1.0.1.254 and the HMD was working. then I installed the firmware update v262. (rebooted/power cycled). Now the PiTool doesn’t show the status of the HMD and I have a red light on top of the HMD.

I tried to downgrade to pitool V1.0.1.245 (fw 255) and it still wont connect.

looking for any suggestions to resolve

Have you tried to flash the 255 firmware manually?

Try running the dfu.exe in the pitool directory. There is a p2.dfu file in pitool\dfudrivers directory.

There is an alternative flasher here if that doesn’t work

yes, i flashed back to 255 using dfu.exe (i tired several times) i get the blinking colored lights red/green/(myabe blue) when it’s done it power cycles the HMD (led off). and then it turns back on (red LED). DFU shows the s/n and firmward version after this.

I will try to manually flash now…

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If you haven’t try rebooting as well

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Thanks for the link to the manual tools.

Rebooted (and power cycled) PC several times.

I manually flashed to v255 (from the CMD line) and it’s still not showing up in the pitool

Hmmm. Not sure. Maybe try uninstalling Pitool and use ccleaner after and reinstall.

Try flashing from CMD

uninstalled Pitool, ran CCleaner (verified app data directories were gone) Re-installed PiTools still not showing up in PiTools

(@Virtual yes, I already manually upgraded the firmware from the CMD line)

First what are the error codes Pitool shows if you have Pitool open when you first power on the headset?

And what does Pitool display when you press diagnose. BTW there are two ways you can press diagnose, one from the error code and another from the help tab, both will give you a different outcome.

Here is a long shot.

Try purging all usb devices relating to SteamVR, you can do this from the developer settings.

Also try a different displayport and different USB port.

If I power down my headset when I turn it back on I get the red light. For me to restore function I must restart the pi service but considering you have rebooted your PC many times I doubt that’s going to help.

Might also be an idea to start a support ticket. Give Virtual’s instructions a try as may give an idea what’s going on.

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For permanent red led after firmware update:

It is solution proposed from Pimax suport, so it is not some voodoo-sh*t, and it actually helped in my case.


Error code in PiTool is 10600
Diagnose(main screen) shows HDMI/DP: Disconnected
Diagnose (Help Screen) shows HDMI/DP: Disconnected (everything else is pass or running).

I removed all USB Input Devices & HID-Compliant Devices from Device Manager (that cause windows to re-install them when I plug the HMD back in) but still got 10600 error.

I tried 3 different Displayports (including swapping the one that was being used by the monitor) and different USB ports. still getting 10600

as per @BrziJoe I re-seated the cable on the HMD (and re-flashed) still getting 10600

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Do you have another pc you can try this on?

I don’t have another PC. :frowning:

Have you filed a support ticket?

Did the firmware version you downgraded to work with your system previously? If not, is the GPU driver current? As far as I remember there was a firmware/PiTool version that stopped working for me until I upgraded my GPU driver.
Also it could be an idea to rename/move the PiTool config file and let PiTool recreate it, to make sure that there isn’t an invalid combination set. (Particularly as you downgraded - some option in the config file might not be supported by the old version yet).

Edit: Ah, sorry, overlooked that, you already deleted the AppData stuff (C:\Users[user folder]\AppData\Local\Pimax)

Yepp, sounds like a case for a support ticket. If you can try it at a friend’s PC this might be a way to further support the suspicion that the HMD itself is in a corrupted state.


I don’t have any further help to offer but I am curious, what are your PC specs? The GPU especially.

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@Virtual thanks for the help. Specs are i7-6700, 1080ti, 16GB RAM

@Heliosurge thanks as well. I submitted a ticket yesterday.

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@NoamLoop thanks for the help. I tried upgrading to the latest video driver (i was on 441.66 and upgraded to 441.87 with clean install).

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