[Resolved]Embarassment of a VR Headset (Pitool never works)

After receiving my headset there is just so much wrong with this headset I’m so ashamed to hear that this is being sold as a consumer product. There is just so much wrong with this headset it’s ridiculous. Distortion on the edges is unbearable. Pitool software never works properly. And my headset came and the images on both of the monitors inside the headset aren’t even mounted correctly.
My main problem right now is the software which is a huge issue.

Yes it can be embarrassing getting things working properly with how often software doesn’t always play nice with each other. The screen fade issue you have there is something in the Nvidia control panel. Below is a post detailing how to fix.

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This post details fixing Transparency issue.

Below are links you might find Helpful.

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Oh wow thank you so much for that.

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Which headset did you receive? Here you will find the community is very good with helping one another. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: