[Resolved]Pavlov VR and others showing images WAY off

5k+ arrived today, apart from the normal issues (flickering pixels, weird distortion, screens cutting out randomly) Some games like Pavlov are rendering with the left and right eye WAY off from what they should be. Lab works fine, so does beat saber but Pavlov and paradise are not rendering correctly. I have tried restarting HMD with different FOV and changing every checkbox and value I can get to several times but it doesn’t help.
Anyone got Pavlov working?

Enable “parallel projection” and restart SteamVR (or reboot).


Is there a list somewhere of which games require PP and which do not? That would be a useful resource.

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I don’t believe there is a centralized list, bubbleball was so nice to share his.
Exchanging and saving settings isn’t possible at the moment but is sorely needed.

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Im also now getting a problem where one of my vive wands is saying its connected but doesnt track. the buttons seem to work though. Where are the settings stored? Want to check if the settings are being saved as the FOV doesnt seem to change when I set it in pitool

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Check the 5k 8k directory.

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Have you tried any of the basestation/etc tips listed here?

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I ended up killing all the pi services in task manager and restarting then it worked.

On the Pavlov, it seems like it was a pp issue as its now working