Reverb G2 Delay

I received an email today that the Reverb G2 has been put back till sometime in October due to high demand. I know a lot of people are excited about this HMD.


Hmm I received no such email. Where did you pre-order? Would be a bummer …


Again, thank you for pre-ordering the HP Reverb G2. We have been informed by HP that shipments will take place in October. The demand worldwide has been extremely high, so there has been an impact on production, and it will be shipped at that time for all regions across the world.

Please feel safe in the knowledge that you will still be amongst the first to receive your order. All pre-orders will be delivered on Day 1. We will inform you immediately we hear any further news from HP.

There are a couple of things we’d like to bring to your attention.

The HP Reverb G2 ships with a Display Port cable, with a Mini Display Port adaptor included in the box. Also included in the box is a USB-C cable. You have to connect the headset to your computer via the USB-C cable for the headset to work. To do this you need a USB-C port on your computer or a USB-C to USB adapter cable to connect to a USB 3.0 port

Received from SystemActive earlier today.


Thanks, so that’s a bummer indeed. I’ve ordered mine from, haven’t gotten an email yet but I guess this headset is going to be even more popular than the index, so it makes sense we’ll see some delays


It might be a regional delay I don’t know. SystemActive are the only U.K. distributor. I do think it will be a very popular HMD. I have cancelled my preorder as I want to concentrate on my 8KX.


I pre-ordered from PC-Canada. Got no such email.

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Pre-ordered from a German store, no such mail either.


No such email here too,But one thing is for sure… it will be sooner here then the pimax 8kx


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ROOO again ridiculous FOV

HP have not announced an actual release date for the G2 other than “Fall 2020”, system active decided to tell everyone it was 15th September, apparently to drum up extra sales. Now system active are being forced to tell everyone its been “delayed” but in fact HP are still not saying when it will be released, so there could be another “delay” email if System Active insist on telling people a date when HP have not actually announced one.

Still, at least its a “delay” of a month or two, not 3 years.


Pimax backers be like



the eyes pointing outwards definitely makes it look like a pimax user :wink:

but nah, if HP says its going to be out before Christmas then I’m actually of a frame of mind to believe it - if not the beauty of buying from a UK company on credit card is I’ll just get a refund with a single phone call.


And not having to deal with customs and all sorts of import fees and taxes.



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Totally agree on refund I paid £525 cancelled and got £525 back within 24 hours. It was very easy through one email.

Well, they jacked their price up to £639, just found out from MRTV that Amazon Spain are selling them for 599 euros, so £540… trying to get hold of SystemActive to cancel and their website contact form 404’s, and their phone number just says “no one is available to take your call, please try again later”, no reply to email from Friday.

Calling credit card company to get it put in dispute, lol.

That’s a downer I had no problems at all. I hope they acknowledge your request soon.

they responded about an hour after I called the CC company

and in the end I got to order it from Amazon AND cheaper, so win win


Well played, good Sir!