Reverb G2 shipping now?

So on a closed FB group on Reverb G2 a guy claims he got a message from HP Canada that his G2 is shipping out tomorrow


His post seems authentic. Some others in the comments say the received the same message. Really hope it’s shipping out!


I received a call directly from HP a few days ago warming me that anybody who claims they had recieved shipping is fake and that they have NOT locked down a ship date yet.

$959.37 ? The HP Reverb G2 is priced that high?

That’s Canadian dollars with conversion and 13 %HST and l would think

Thanks. Still a rather high price though.

$599 USD coverted is $787 Ca so $889 with HST. So $70 high but I suspect they are shipped up from the US and duty and shipping cost wouldn’t leave much diff.

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