Reverb G2 YouTube footage

A collection of G2 YouTube videos released while the forum was down. They are all positive and rave about the clarity. :0)


A youtuber has commented that he has seen distortions, chromatic aberration and even some Mura in the HP Reverb G2 pre-production.
Let’s see what Tyriel Woods and the other youtubers who have tried it think about it.



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So it has been delayed until end of october. At this rate we may actually r3ceive our 8kX’s before the G2 lands!


actually it is still fall then and if it stays like that, its more of a shift and not much of an delay.
yes, weeks maybe…not…years like other others :wink:
and got an email that actually makes sense in existing languages apologising right away even for that tiny shift.
With all this experince with surprises I think that there is still a solid change yours will be even later, so i wouldnt bet horses on it getting your 8kx earlier.

Just goofing around :slight_smile: But I love to use the term “earlier” with pimax for once at least


I always like to remember the old reverb. The two weeks delay turned into six months.

And every two months, you need a new cable … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Even if that happens again, still a breeze compared.
and… we learned from the best to master patience.

for now even “No shift” at all simply because no official date from HP has been release yet!


Daniel San, like in life patience is a ViRtue

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Och, HP users have also years of experience with similar things. :rofl:

Since 2010, i would never bought again a printer or Notebook from HP. Service is really good, but the products…nope

Maybe but frankly now those Megacorp are so transnational different branch can produce good or bad products. What you want is easy buying accessibility and satisfaction guarantied return possibilities

ohh, then I can give you good news.
If your G2 is defective, you don’t have to send anything back. They send a new one and the old one stays with you.
At least that’s what they did with the G1.

They were not interested in disposing of the old devices.

Did you not trigger easily on the G1? first reviews was bad no?

my G1was defective after 10 days

No was I saying did you rush to purchase the G1? Seen those bad review would have kept me from buying even if good service is provided ( in reference to you not buying bad HP product)?

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Not interested in the G2.
The promlem with sebs demo unit , looks like the same. Black Screens after some minutes.

My G1 was from the first batch. After the new unit comes in, i have soldit with unbroken labels.

Sorry which means?..

The screens have switched off.

Sorry I think, I lost what mean when you said
"The promlem with sebs demo unit "

G1 or G2? or both?