Riding Rollercoasters In The Yaw VR Motion Simulator And Pimax 5K+ Using 144hz Mode - Live!

Playback starts at 3:55

Quick Links to different coasters ridden:

Colossus - 6:04​

Rock-it Man - 10:16​

Kumba - 13:47​

Two Arrows Park - 18:35​

Scenic Run - 24:48​

Spinemelter 3000 - 30:24​

Sage (Yaw VR Low Power Mode) - 41:46​

Tonight I just going to ride a few rollercoasters in NoLimits2 just to unwind and have some fun after a long and hectic couple of days. For this stream I’ll be using the Yaw VR personal motion simulator and also pulling back out my trusty old Pimax 5K+ to check it out at 144hz.

I had completely forgotten that the 5K+ had a firmware update a while back that enabled the 144hz refresh rate in the normal 150° FOV mode, so needless to say but I am eager to see if this increased framerate coupled with the full motion from the simulator can take me even deeper down the rabbit hole… Also, I guess I can finally address a question I get asked often… What’s more important, resolution or refresh rate? :thinking: