Right Display goes Black, Left Display Fickers ONLY in Steam Menus - PiTool 158 5k+

Right Display goes Black, Left Display Fickers ONLY in Steam Menus - PiTool 158 5k+

Running steam games are fine but for some reason in the “STEAM ONLY” menus and loading screens my right eye/display blacks out and the left side flickers. The menus are also very faint that I can barely see it.

I actually end up closing my right eye and walk as close as possible to the menus to see it flickering menus. I’ve even noticed the room-scale borders/fences (don’t know the real name) acting up more and I see the borders more frequently.

I’ve messed around with the steam video settings and etc. But the issue is only in the menus and not in the game itself.

Running GTX1080, 6700, 16gb ram, Pitool on Pimax 5k+

Off-topic discussion questions:

Do you guys leave PP on for all games, certain games, or none?

GPU Catalyst definitely needs a SweViver explanation. Sometimes I have it set to 0,1,2 or over 8. Most games I’m at 0 or 1 though. What games do you guys set this at?

Do you guys prefer using PiTool’s res slider, or Steam’s while PiTool is set to 1?

Are you using SteamVR beta? If you are, try opting out.

PP is only needed by some games, but seeing as you need to restart SteamVR to change it I usually leave it on, even though it has a performance hit.

I have been leaving Pitool quality at 1.0 and usually adjusting the SteamVR supersample settings to 100%.

GPU Catalyst always causes me flickering so I leave it at 0.

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i am using steam beta. I’ll opt out when I get on.

I’ll put back gpu catalyst to 0 and pitool to 1. I’ll see how it goes. Thanks

I forgot to add that I’m on the latest Nvidia Driver as of April 1, 2020