Rise of the tomb raider vr dlc

Rise of the tomb raider vr dlc

I´ve tried to play the dlc Blood ties and it appears on the tv screen and follows the tracking but inside the headset is the steamvr loading screen and doesn´t hook the game.
Any idea?

PD: I´ve tried PP and vive game options in pitool and nothing

Maybe try Vive Mode. Might get it working.

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Tried and nothing.
I played it when I had a CV1 and I like it very much, it was very inmersive and with pimax would be amazing.
Anyone in pimax could take a glide?

Not sure don’t have this title.

I have this same problem and have asked on the game’s boards in Steam with no luck. I don’t know if it is just a Pimax issue or it’s just broken for everybody. If you find anything out do let me know.

it worked fine on my Oculus Rift CV1 but had no time to find out a solution for Pimax HMD.
Since you can only play the DLC in VR officially, i highly recommand you VorpX if you dont already have.
With VorpX you can play the “main game” in VR, and i´m telling you it´s so nice in VR!

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Hi, I´ve played the 3 tomb raiders with vorpx and they are amazing (immersive screen), but I would like to play again blood ties in “real” vr.
People in charge with the pitools could have a look on this? @PimaxQuorra


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