RTX 3000 Laptop Series For 8KX

I am starting to consider getting a laptop for the 8KX. The new Nvidia series mobile just got released.
I am currently running my 8K X on a RTX 2080TI. Which is give or take just a tad faster than the RTX 3070

From what I have noticed some variants of the mobile RTX 3070 and 3080 are similar in performance to the desktop RTX 2080. So I am curious, does a desktop RTX 2080 capable of running the 8KX properly? If so, then perhaps the top end of the new laptops maybe actually viable to run the 8KX

To clarify, I am assuming that the options to get are the larger laptops like the Titan series as an example since they have proper cooling and higher TDP. usually 150-200 watts.

The highest end mobile RTX 3080 is actually based on the same card as the RTX 3070 desktop but with more cuda cores but at slower speeds.

Anyone here is considering on getting a mobile laptop for the 8KX. Chime in.

Note: Please abstain from commenting about just built a desktop. The subject is laptops only.
Thanks :wink: