RTX voice works without RTX, software boosted pimax mic volume quality seriously increased by this

As many will have noted the pimax mic is very quiet, often requiring using 3rd party software to even make it audible and usable.
This boosting bring in a lot of background noise but throwing RTX voice into the mix is a huge boost to clarity and removes almost all background noise.

For those that dont know what RTX voice is its AI based noise suppression that uses RTX features for its processing but as was explained in the above link it can also be powered using CUDA so pretty much all Nvidia cards that are of any use in VR will be able to run it.

This obviously works with RTX cards without the mod and as far i understand it the mod itself is just a change in a config file telling the software its ok to rely on CUDA instead of the RTX features to do the processing, with CUDA it takes a small bit of GPU usage (low single digits) and some vram but for most times where you want to use voice chat and game at the same time without having to use a separate mic this will be an OK trade off.

This is a somewhat silly but also great example of what it does: its a super loud fan, a vacuum cleaner and a bullhorn siren running and being filtered out so that talking done at the same time can still be heard.


problem for me is (even on an RTX card) it uses 10% gpu and 2gb ram

I think it’s still a beta. Hopefully, the GPU usage will be reduced in a future version. Not so sure about the memory though. Luckily, I have 32 GB ram, so that’s not a big deal for me.

That seems excessive, im seeing very little GPU utilization, saw it top out at 3% and im on a 1080, which card are you on?

2080ti now that i’m thinking about it it could be due to the higher sample rate I have my mic set to.

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Maybe, my mic is set to 1 channel 16bit, 44khz.