Rumor: Apple VR: 2x8k, 12 cameras, passthough AR capable, DVR, release: 2022, $3000

Let’s see whether this is a rumor or not. And how many would buy at this price?
Particularly if it turns out to be an all-in-one system then I could imagine that the high res displays are mostly there for the passthrough. And a few selected characters and things rendered on top. This with DFR might actually work in 2x8k, wouldn’t have high hopes for SteamVR games in even remotely this resolution.
Sounds neat though tech-wise!

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Typical Apple rumors…


This one was picked up by quite a number of media outlets. But could still be fake.

Having this as a stepping stone until the “big goal” normal-glasses like AR glasses are possible would make sense though, so developers could already start making content and e.g. remote conferencing software could be tested out and fine tuned in the wild.
Might be quite a gamble for more expensive to develop apps though - hard to predict how successful first generations of the iGlasses will be. Particularly when looking at the Google Glasses. But Google might have been too greedy data collection wise, perhaps Apple is more sensitive towards the “glass people” topic. But if done right it might have smartphone replacement potential.

To understand if the rumour is a fake news

Try supersampling with your 8K X until that resolution at Pico FOV

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To be hones I can not imagine that apple will use 8k displays for each eye.
The smallest 8K Display was 10,5 Inch in size in 2018 and I do not want to imagine how expensive that display was. Also the drawing of the headset is showing a to small Headset for usage of two 5 inch displays, which one are a minimal dimesion for a high FOV Headset.
8K with that size of a display is a thing for 2025, not earlyer.

If the headset should be like in this drawing, than they will use a micro OLED Display for ech eye, in BEST case with a Standard FOV of 110°.
But the hopes are not high, all the headset with these micro Displays have a very small FOV of 70°, like looking through a key hole. Nothing for me.

A VR Headset with a FOV like Pimax hast to be way bigger and the same size like a 8k X with our current tech and lenses. It would be a very big suprise if apple can use smaller displays like used in the 8K X or Star VR One.

Yes, they don’t talk about FoV, so (if not fake at all) could be (a lot) small(er than 8kX).
If they want to achieve a passthrough effect similar to really transparent AR glasses (just with 100% opaqueness of superimposed objects) then they likely will need resolutions like that.
But having that ready in 2022 - I don’t know either.

One way I can see this making sense is a combination of…

  • Standalone. Like Oculus Quest.
  • PC VR, no supersampling.
  • Camera passthrough.

Apple seems to like making their own stuff, and at that native resolution, stuff like Population ONE might run quite well from their own laptops.

That said, probably fake.


with their own factory for mled and µled, they are independent in this regard. Camera and software can do it.


Which factory, where, how big?

Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan


never underestimate apple users.


An apple ecosystem will be more locked down then oculus ever was. Can’t say I’m interested.


bet their 8K screens will actually be 8K

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It’s always amuses me how, to this day, there are people who speaks of Apple by the slogan: “The computer for the rest of us”.

…Yeeeah… Maybe Wozniak’s Apple, had he ever had the ambition to exert control, but never, ever, at any point, Jobs’ Apple. :7

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Just like their quartz watch faces are quarts, yeah.


The BS Apple VR product has been banded around for the last 4 years or so.

Don’t get too excited.

If you mean sapphire yeah, that’s a whole mess. While there is technically sapphire content it doesn’t change the hardness…

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