Running Oculus game exes

. I come to you with a somewhat unusual question. I have received early access to a new VR game, and I want to try it out on my Pimax headset. However, this game does not have a Steam VR version yet, so I want to run it in the Oculus compatibility mode of the Pimax software.

My problem is, I can’t find a way to launch the game in this way. Opening the exe only shows a black screen, even with the Pimax connected. If I import it into Pitool, I don’t see a way to tell Pitool to run it as an Oculus game, it only opens the exe. I borrowed a friend’s Oculus Rift S, and the game does work when using an Oculus headset, so is there a way I can use the Oculus compatibility function of my headset to run this game? I have tried Revive, but it crashes right away. The built-in oculus compat mode has always worked better for me than Revive anyway.

I look forward to your ideas, and thanks in advance!

If Oculus Home was installed prior to you installing Pitool. You may need to check your AV as part of the install adds/changes somethings in the Oculus Home folder and is often blocked by the AV.

For safety put you pc offline to Intetnet and rerun the install. After install completes re enable AV and reboot. Complete a scan if you have concerns.

You can also try running ReViVe as an alternative.

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