Russian VR Headsets


Yaay, another old generation crappy headset with low PPD. That’s exactly what we are all waiting for.

Why reviewers can only copy specification from website and get hyped about highest resolution per eye… but can’t understand that 157 degree fov will make this resolution looks worse. They are specialize in VR category and they don’t know what is PPD.

We have reached the limit of the current generation (bandwidth limit), time for something new, something that will take us closer to Varjo vr3 :wink:

It is Diagonal is hard to what the horizontal will be. Otherwise it will have higher Res than a 5k model. So it will look better than a 5k model. And with whatever the actual Horizontal FoV will have a much higher ppd.

@Century might know some details.

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Just a reminder: the Russians have a habit of producing vaporware. They just seem to want to be on the ‘bandwagon’ sometimes. No offense to the Russians, but I won’t believe that this exists, except for in someone’s head, until I see it.

The first model does exist as another member said it looks like one that was sold. The Russian space agency likely bought that company.

The new 5760×2880 we only really have some very loose info on it. But like the HTC VP2 it will be interesting if it releases in some form as it is using square panels as well.

To be honest, I don’t really follow the new HMDs.
My 8KX is enough for me at the moment :pi_smiley:
There were thoughts of taking a look at the Vive Pro 2, but now I’m glad I didn’t, judging by the reviews.

I think 8KX will still be at its best for quite a long time, thanks to its high resolution and wide FOV (after all, the G2 and VivePro could not go far from the 8KX clarity, while the Vive could not even make an honest FOV = 120, while having terrible glares).

The resolution of the Russian headset looks tempting, but not for a wide FOV.
But they indicated a diagonal FOV of 157 °, and apparently hVFOV can quite realistically turn out to be about 130 °, which at a resolution of 2880x2880 for each eye can give a pretty good picture + a wide view.
I think they need a wider FOV than the pro2, but at the same time they need an equally (or even more) high pixel density.

Well, it looks tempting, in fact.
But still, we understand that it is not so easy to implement :grin: Let’s hope they make a pretty good product.

Basically, I would not mind getting a headset with FOV = 120-130, with clarity over 8KX and G2. The question is how high-quality it will turn out to be (and at what price) :roll_eyes:


Cool though was hoping you might have heard something on there laser tracking system.

Figured you might be able get details easier being your part of the world. :smirk:

But agreed 8kX should suffice for quite sometime.


I agree 100%. …

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