Screen image issues

Does anyone know what is causing on my pc the screen to become this way?

It happens when I turn on my monitor but it does not always happens.

Even when i remote access my pc using a program like splashtop, on my phone the screen appear like in the attached picture.

Is this cause by my monitor or by my videocard or by the OS?

I have an nvridia 2080ti and a curved samsung game monitor 49" CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor

Any help please?

Since this occurs when you remote the failure is probably your GPU Vram.

I suggest you change slots your 2080ti is installed in and see if the issue continues.

I do not believe the issue is your monitor. You could also connect your monitor to your integrated gpu on your motherboard and see if the issue persists.

Reseat the monitor cable at both ends


It does look very much like a VRAM issue. You need to borrow another video card and test it out. Changing cable or reseat the video card won’t help.


Thank you everyone for your reply!

What is weird is that when I remove the cable from the video card, on the monitor I can still see the latest messy images I was seeing on the monitor when the monitor was connected to the pc.
Is that normal that depsite the monitor is not connected to the pc, the monitor does not go completely black?

Sounds to me like something is wrong with the electronics inside the monitor.

imteresting I also have a 49" samsung monitor (LC49RG) i got new last october. I notice mine did that same thing when powered on almost all the time.

Its like the screen is initializing or something then its okay.

Now that I’m thinking about it…It hasn’t done that in a while.

I feel like its either nVidia’s fault or maybe one of the settings on the monitor.

Try setting freesync to standard, or picture mode to something else, I dont really know what I changed .