Selling Kingpin 2080 TI now or should (can) I wait? - Big Navi

Hello Guys,

I have at the moment a EVGA Kingpin 2080 TI, clocked to 2175 Mhz average.
But for my 8K X the Vram is to small (e.g. E:D Frametrops with stutter in cqc arena, over 9900 MB)
A 3090 is for me to expensive, Big Navi would be perfect with the 16 GB Vram.

So should I sell it now (paid for it 950 €) or should (can) I wait until the Big Navi launch ?
I am asking because of the possible value drop (GPU has still 2 year warranty).

Thanks for your suggestions!

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How do you know the VRAM is too small?

Also, the jump from a 2080 Ti Kingping to anything this generation has to offer might be a waste of money.
How much performance increase are you likely to get? Maybe 20-25%?

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The rumor is that AMD’s top card’s 4K performance that doesn’t utilize ray tracing is about the same as the 3080. It’s unlikely that Pimax’s support for AMD will be as good as for nVidia.

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I upgraded to a 3090 FE over my EVGA 2080ti Hybrid FTW3 and I’d say unless you were trying to squeak out every ounce of power, I’d suggest waiting around for the 20GB 3080’s to come out. I decided to make the swap as I was able to sell my 2080ti for $1100 on eBay. The 3090 definitely is a noticeable upgrade over my 2080ti, as there were a number of games on the 8KX you could see were approaching or just over the limitations the 2080ti. On the 3090 it’s enough of a bump up in performance that it runs majority of those same games perfectly (excluding NMS and Hellblade). However, I’d assume with the 3080 being so close in performance it would likely do the same for a lot less money. I don’t feel 10gb is future proof enough for a new card with the Pimax, so the upcoming 3080 20GB look to be a real sweet spot.


According to my own Benchmarck comparisons (3dmark, VRmark 3 colors, and userbenchmark) a properly OC 2080ti is just in the middle between a stock 2080ti and a stock 3090
So it’s your call.
looks like your TI enters in the properly OC category .

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I have seen other rumors that AMD hasn’t revealed their top card yet and that it may well rival the 3090 in raw performance (not including raytracing) …look forward to the official announcement to see what they really have on offer. Pimax support for AMD is the real wildcard as you say but if nothing else a competitive card would keep Nvidia prices honest


Because in some games like Elite Dangerous in combat the usage of the Vram is constantly above 10 Gb, then the FPS dramatically goes down cause of throttling of the gpu.

A 3080 20 GB looks indeed as a good deal.

But is the pimax support for AMD really so bad?

I cant believe anyone would even think about getting an amd gpu after the introduction of DLSS 2.0

When did you sell it? I sold my 2080Ti through my local FB marketplace for $725 CAD. It was the cheapest model.

I sold it a couple weeks ago. People are still paying quite a bit for the EVGA Hybrids.


As measured in GPU-Z or Afterburner? Those show allocation, not usage.

In Afterburner, but how is the frametrop explained?
It can not be temperature, cpu is always under 60 °C, the GPU under 50°C