Sense controllers, sword controllers and wireless module update soon please Pimax?

Pimax can we please get an update on the Sense controller? Haven’t seen any update for months on the sense.

Also in the next update would like to see some photos/videos of the new sword controller prototype/design changes which moved into the next stage of production as of last update, and a video of the wireless module.

No word on wireless module for over a year it seems. Are we to assume it’s a dead project or that Pimax is still working on it and achieving progress? An ETA for the wireless module would be good to have. @PimaxQuorra



Yes sir, we are preparing the update for the controller and DMAS.
This will include photos and if possible we will release videos on how the controller going to work in apps.

About the wireless module, we are sorry to inform that, currently we do not have any update from the team. Somehow will report during the meeting, and check the upcoming schedule for this module.


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I would also like to echo the request for information on the wireless module, as that is the last piece of hw I need to freely enjoy my 5k+.

Thank you!