Sequence Start Batch Scripts - DCS World, Elite Dangerous, etc, examples

These are batch files to be imported into Pimax Experience. So it can set the correct PiTool/SteamVR parameters, open a directory with all your shortcuts, and open Virtual Desktop. From there, you can start all the programs you want, check SteamVR video resolution is correct, etc.

  1. Leap Motion service either stopped or started by default. Either prevents interference, or ensures availability when VR app is started.
  2. Sets VoiceAttack profile, so a correct set of voice commands are available.
  3. Starts JoystickGremlin, so keybinds to make VoiceAttack listen (ie. VoiceAttack PTT) may be used (as opposed to having to say ‘respond’/‘ignore’ before/after any voice command).
  4. Opens sequence directory in file manager - where things like shortcuts to programs like ‘TeamSpeak’/‘Discord’ and the VR app itself (eg. ‘DCS World - Open Beta’) are kept.
  5. Opens Virtual Desktop so more accessory programs can be manually started (eg. ‘TeamSpeak’/‘Discord’), as well as the VR app itself (eg. ‘DCS World - Open Beta’).

To be clear, these scripts mostly just let PE set PiTool/SteamVR stuff, then launch a file manager and Virtual Desktop, so the user may take things from there. More extensive ‘rapid.bat’ scripts exist in the extendedInterface repository to start all the other programs that might be useful.