Setting up three 2.0 basestations correctly

I bought an additional basestation for my Pimax 5k+. While coverage is better I seem to get the issue where my controllers or view drifts away for half a second more often.

Did I make a mistake when setting up the basestations? Is there something I sould take into account? Do they all have to see each other? Do the channels have to be close to each other or faar away?

I hope someone here with some experience can teach me how to set it up correctly.

There is no “special magic” about setting more than two basestation except keeping them on different channels. The problem could be that the lighthouse tracking tries to recalibrate more often because it has more opportunities to do so (it can now cross-reference signals from 3 bases instead of 2).

If this is the case however, it would mean that the headset has skewed sensor geometry, rather than that there is anything wrong with the basestations.


Check that you don’t have any picture frames with glass, windows with reflections, or mirrors in your play area. Reflective surfaces can certainly cause drift.


Did you give each station a different channel?

Since there were no instructions my stations original were on the same channel and were in contention.