Short Review of the pimax 8K+

FoV: For me, the FoV is just as important for immersion as it is for pixel density. And here you have to be clear: the pimax HMDs are - apart from a few priceless business HMDs - still the only ones with a really large FoV. Unfortunately, there are still games that require the compatibility mode for HMDs with canted displays.
Pixel density / SDE: Although the graphics card on the 8K+ calculates just as many pixels as on the 5K+, everything looks much better. The SDE is significantly lower.
Edge-to-edge clarity: for me, around half of the field of view is clear, sharp and undistorted. The more you look at the edges, the more blurry / distorted it becomes. Nevertheless, you have the entire FoV of standard VR headset clear and undistorted.
Sweetspot: (= eye position tolerance) I can’t see any difference to other HMDs here.
Black level: really good for LCD.
Color rendering: very good, very rich colors.
Wearing comfort: the “comfort kit” with the large face insert is ok, but I have a little light intrusion from the sides. For this price, there should be 2 foams included, for narrow and wide faces. As headstrap and earphones I use a Vive deluxe audio strap.
Cable: I have the 3-in-1 cable, without the power supply. It is quite thick, but still very flexible. However, the length of 4.5m is borderline.
Processing quality: the housing material and the surface make a much better impression than with the 5K+. I don’t have any long-term experience yet, but I think pimax learned here.
Software: is now quite mature, although there are still weaknesses. For example, pitool often goes to 9-axis tracking when the HMD is switched on, although Lighthouse tracking is selected.
Conclusion: For me, immersion results in equal parts from the two main factors pixel density and FoV. And here the pimax 8K+ offers a successful combination, especially for people like me who don’t want to overdo it when it comes to graphics cards. Certainly there are HMDs with which a sharper image can be generated, e.g. the Reverb G2 or the pimax 8KX. All in all, for me the 8K+ is real VR2.0. The pimax 5K+ is only VR1.5 because of the still too low pixel density, as is the Reverb G2 because of the insufficient FoV.


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