Should I upgrade?

Right now I have a 5k Plus. I run it with Vive 2 lighthouses and controllers from my old Vive pro setup. For a long time I was on a path of being sure I wanted to get the Vive wireless setup and one day I stumbled upon some Hammerhead Shark lookin German guy named VoodooDE. About a month later I bought my Pimax and now I can’t even bring myself to think about using another headset. My question here is:

I am getting a new PC with a 3080 in the next few days. I have been looking into the 8k+ or 8kx as a possible upgrade, but I’ve become quite attached to my 144hz refresh rate on my 5k plus. Would I be better off waiting for the “8kx+lgbtq- ⁴” ? (No disrespect to lgbtq+ btw!! just a joke)

I’m more interested in the 8k Plus as it can reach 120hz in upscaling. I’m not completely clear on what you sacrifice in upscale mode. How will it compare in upscale mode to the 5k+ Image? Could I just super sample the F out of my 5k+ with the 3080? Thanks for any responses!

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I’m envious! :slight_smile: You should try increasing super sampling, to see what kind of improvements you can glean.

It’s hard to answer your question without knowing what kind of games you play. Any sort of seated cockpit style game will likely be improved due to increased resolution, which will improve the readability of small text.

I would not buy an 8K+, since it has the same input res as your 5K+. It will probably just look blurry to you.

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As Neal said it can be a difficult choice.

However the 8k+ only does atm up to 110hz. The 8kX in upscale mode has been able to achieve 114hz in upscale mode.

The core benefit of upscaled from the 5k+ input res is greatly reduced sde. The upscaled image will also be a bit softer as Neal said. Native Res will be sharper.

The downside of the 8kX is in native mode only 75hz with possibility of native at 90hz.

With default cable it is I believe around 4m @DrWilken has researched some cables to be able to extend this distance. There is also a new 6m fiber optic cable.

However no reviews yet as apparently pimax only recently received them.

So Roomscale games might be limited until we know more on these developments due to cable length.

As for preference of higher refresh? If this is a must with longer cable the 5kSuper might be a better consideration. Though as it is very new no reviews yet as far as I know no one has reported receiving one yet.

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