ShowdownVR Demo for PIMAX 8KX

I tried my old download of ShowdownVR Demo from PIMAX 4K (Unreal Engine Demo), but it has issues with parallel projection. Was not able to enable proper 3D vision.
PS: it´s not the steam app with same name, don´t mix it up.
Does anybody know how to set up the demo on 8KX?

In theory should be able to import it.

@NextGenVR @Djonko can likely assist in this.

@Heliosurge Hi there. It is already imported.
You need to have it saved from PIMAX 4K download when it was released., then migrate from Piplay to Pitool. Steam does not help here.
How I solved it and what was the issue:
The intro made me think it is broken.
Which is correct so far, the intro is broken, now.

  • Parallel projections need to be enabled, then th Unity/Unreal rings (instead of one) are close.
    After pressing the space bar it works without a flaw.
    And the PIMAX 8KX shows her talents…
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Awesome think my old piplay is still on the old drive.

There maybe a newer version but not sure as there was an optimized one for StarVR One.

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