Silicone Protective Sleeve Quick Review (Français with English Subtitles)

Hi guys.
As usual for small reviews, a french video but with English Subtitles, will do English video for Artisan Review and Comfort Kit.

The Silicone Protective Sleeve to take care of your Pimax Headset.

Salut à tous, petite review de l’étui en Silicone pour protéger votre Pimax :

I actually really like it. :+1::+1:


Thanks for the look at it. Pimax truly needs a better marketing plan then unpaid YouTube videos. I appreciate you sharing.


Thanks for the impression. Can you show a picture from bottom, while I like to see if the hand motion sensor would work underneath the cover.

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at 0:06 you see USB and screws are open

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Thank you for watching :slight_smile:

Yes every holes/ports are conservated, even (of course ^^) the mic ones.


Thank you, and it was like feared. The plastic of the protective cover is too thick, so that the locking mechanism of the USB connector may not lock properly. In any case, the hand motion sensor will be outside the protective cover.

I think I will wait with my order for a sleeve, until a version is available, that integrates the hand motion sensor.

Thanks Ludx

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Welcome !
I think in the worse case, a piece can easily be cut out to make it fit whatever you want.


Thank you!
I am glad I’ve been able to review this !
Unfortunately after some serious health issues I no longer have job and absolutly no incomes so I did not pre order 8k+ or X so I will not be able to review them :frowning: and I was told I could not sell my 8k or I would not be elligible for the upgrade program.

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