Sixsense 4 year Kickstarter Conclusion

While we have had to wait less than 1 full year for pimax. This Kickstarter lasted 4 years in delays; it closes unfulfilled. However Sixsense is refunding it’s backers; which is at least bares honorable. As many failed projects ends with nothing.


kindof cool, i remember it, had a hydra myself with HL2 and DK2, never thought of backing this, but the whole item made no sense these days, pretty much all KS would be like that 3+ years down the line, it’s good everyone got a refund.

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I agree. I think they should have just revisted the hydra & madevit wireless.

I saw someone on youtube strap the hydra base like a belt buckle.

I think a simple vest with the base on the chest with a wireless dongle would have worked fine.

Still have a hydra scored it for $50 during the time folks were selling them at $300+ lol

I bought mine on eBay, there was prioVR as well, looks like they are selling it, i guess its just used for domenstic motion capture, don’t see any games using it, ultimately the vive trackers came out for torso/foot tracking and failed, seems no one is interested in it.

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Steamvr baked in Hydra driver. It emulates Vive wands.