Skymap resources

Some free Skymap resources:

The OTOY skymaps are stereoscopic. At least, I think that’s the term. My favorite is “The Dragon’s Nest”. I couldn’t find a license description but it’s a simple download. If nothing else, download the ones that you like for your personal use!

The ones on the github are ones that I created using Google Streetmaps. Please feel free to use/distribute any or all of them, as far as I’m concerned.


WOW thats freakin awesome, thanks a lot man - this will be golden for PE!! :slight_smile:


The format on the Github ones were altered for VRToolbox but I’ve got the originals, in case you run into any problems. Github is dds, I’ve also got jpg’s. Also, I believe that I had to reduce the quality to upload them. The originals seem to run from 5Mb-25Mb. As I say, let me know if you want to pursue them.

Edit: in particular, you need to test the mirroring. For VRToolbox, I had to invert them. I believe that you would need the same but I can probably invert the originals without sacrificing the quality, if needed.
(Welcome to Dr.Strange’s Mirror Dimension :crazy_face: )


Thanks! Size is really not a huge problem, as long as its somewhere between 10-30mb each. Actually, many of the sky/cloud skyboxes that are included in PE were 8K resolution and each was 40-60Mb in size. I resized the textures to 4K and 10-25Mb each.

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