SlimeVR Tracker Project is Live

SlimeVR Full-Body Tracker | Crowd Supply

Full body tracking starting at $165 USD. No base stations required.


As reliable FBT gets cheaper, hopefully it’ll be used in more games with developers able to expect more people to have it and be worth investing the time. Because unless you spend a crazy amount of time in VRChat, there’s not really much else which makes good use of it and feels like a waste right now. I guess there’s kind of B&S, but still quite the small list.

This looks interesting.

There have been a couple reviews out there by Thrillseeker, Phia, and The Mysticle. They had early units and the software was pretty primitive, but later reviews definitely showed progress on that front. Plus it’s opensource and they have the schematics and software out on github if you wanted to make your own. You are pretty much limited to VRchat and Blade and Sorcery for this type of support. Personally, I don’t think I’d use it in Blade and Sorcery - too easy to kick something I might like.


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