Small IPD here. Could someone please write/link to some tips or maybe even a full guide for setting the proper IPD to reduce blurriness?

I have an ipd of around 59 as verified by an optemologist, and I have some pretty major problems with blurriness. If I close one eye and push the headset to the side I get clarity in one eye, but my eyes are too close together for each eye to have full clarity, even with the lenses as close together as they can go. Does anyone have any advice?

Well I am opposite case than you, I have IPD 74mm. But I think I have some advice anyway.

  • First remove your facepad, and fully loose your head strap.
  • Second you need some clear and bright scenery (I.e. default steam vr home, go outside next to the tree, and look on leaves.
  • Then hold your pimax with hands in front of your face. Look at the image clarity, and move your HMD up, down, left, right, bend it left/right, then bend it down/back. Especially try to put it up to 2cm away from face.
  • There is a possibility that your face is not average shaped, and that you can see better in some strange distance and angle. You can buy thicker or thinner facepad from eBay (something cheap), or combine/sew a new one.
  • Use latest Pitool (currently 180beta), and play with vertical shift. If I were you, I would shift my HMD up (away from nose) and adopt that "vertical shift" in pitool.
  • If you have thicker facepad, you may tolerate more IPD mismatch. Some people need thicker on forehead, and some on cheeks.
  • Screen door effect helps me to determine my HMD position fast -> clear SDE means good position, and clear view too
  • Check how you see distant objects also, not only something close. Use what is more convinient for your games.
  • Check other IPDs, it might not be same as in your prescription for glasses. First use slider, to get clear pictures on booth eyes, and then check software ipd adjusment, to remove eye strain. I use software -1.