So after weeks and weeks of no backer stretch goal I get this email from Camila

After emailing back and forth with Pimax, as usual, regarding my Kickstarter goals not being shipped, this is the email I received from Camila at Pimax


Sorry for bringing the inconvinence. I’m Camila.
Since there are still some customers who have not confirmed the address, but our carrier needs a certain minimum order quantity, so we will wait for other users to confirm the address, and deliver the goods uniformly after reaching the MOQ. If you are in a hurry and are willing to pay the shipping fee, we will choose the faster method of delivery. I can understand your feeling perfectly, we will speed up to arrange the delivery for your as soon as possible. Appreciate for your understanding & patience.

​Best Wishes!

LOL, they want me to pay for shipping! Jesus how long have we waited for these products and now I have to rely on the address confirmations of other backers? so that means they will be waiting too. Just another Eff the Kickstarter backers all over again!