So i bought the 8kx again to test the 90hz

So i bought the 8kx again from a friend to test the 90hz.

The unit is almost new its bought from the official pimax site at 2 april.

To my big surprise and disapointment it still got those wrong hinges!!! Unbelievable!

But the 90 hz is feeling great but i have frameskipping when i turn my head ingame…i must take a look why,i have a rtx3090.

Also the mura is less then my old 8kx…thats a plus.

And i need to set the ipd hardware slider completly different then my old 8kx…

But it feels somewhat better then my old 8kx. First i need to get some good hinges again.

@hammerhead_gal do you got some good hinges for me?

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What hinges do the 8KX come with? The plastic or metal one?
If no mistaken, the 8KX is now come with plastic, but we have to double confirm with the team.


Hello there, these are plastic.

HI John:
Plastic are right,

No it isnt,it still got the wrong angle…So you cant put the strap low enough at your back off your head!

Could you please contact our customer service and allow them to check that for you?In cause you cant put the strap low enough. Creating a ticket here:

Hello John,

Could you please snap a photo and upload at here, so we could take a look at it.


i created a ticket…