So where is our DMAS? (Now Shipping)

The Brexit has caused a lot of problems for businesses.

From what I have read Valve is delaying warranty issues due to problems related to Brexit.

Though imho I think the :uk: has done the right thing securing there independence; however it appears it will be a bumpy road for a time.


I was on the fence so didn’t vote but now? Absolutely it was the correct thing to do.


Hm, maybe we should find a hacker to implement a warning on their internal salesforce programs that their computers will be locked soon untilthey they deliver their outstanding debts???


I received my 8KX with DMAS in December 2020. But got just the SMAS 8KX. I refuse to pay my tax until they ready to ship my DMAS.

No you didn’t.

The DMAS is off ear speakers just like on the Index and G2 and they haven’t been released.

The SMAS is a smartphone level tiny directional speaker similar to the Quest.

The KDMAS is an on ear headphone like on a Rift CV1 or HTC Deluxe Audio Strap.

Careful with not paying taxes. PiTool 269 can lock your HMD until you pay up.


In the UK you can return your product if is incomplete. Consumer has the right to dispute.

Regulations that affect advertising

Advertising to consumers

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations mean you cannot mislead or harass consumers by, for example:

  • including false or deceptive messages
  • leaving out important information
  • using aggressive sales techniques

I have paid for the full product price and I expect to receive what it has been described in the product page.
I have been tolerate the delays and has been supporting Pimax all along, but it has its limit.

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Yeah and that is after you left the EU, foregoing even stricter consumer protection laws.

You are absolutely within your rights but will have no means to enforce them against a China based company.

Just browse the forum on threads where people had their HMDs locked via PiTool until they paid what Pimax believes is owed.

If you followed the many updates. It was stated the 8kX would ship with the SMAS module and the DMAS module would ship later once ready for release. Meaning you like others will have both modules as an option to use with the MAS.

So no reason to delay paying your taxes. This is also why Pimax should have kept with original ship method as you would have had to pay to receive your headset avoiding this current mess with people not looking after there taxes.

If your referring to the DMAS module we should hopefully see it start shipping by mid April. However some issues caused by Brexit may cause some delays as things are being worked out.

Ie even Valve had temporarily delayed/suspended warranty rmas.

Actually it can also mean the opposite with better consumer laws as they are no longer controlled by the EU.

Canada imho also needs to separate from NAFTA and become independent as it no longer represents what it was made for and had become more one sided.

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They said they were going to start shipping the audio straps after the chinese new year last year so I wouldn’t hold our breaths.

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Dmas is suppose to be in significant quantity production in 2nd week of March which now ending.

Wonder why this did not make it into the weekly update. No mention of Dmas.

We all know dates are simply ideas til it is actually said is shipping so-to-speak “as of today” with folks receiving tracking numbers. :smirk:

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You know Pimax’s history with target dates :grinning: so not likely to see better info until tracking numbers (that actually function) start to flow.


Because Pimax is gearing up for another ridiculous Pimax Day and just like each and every Pimax day before they go completely silent on the forums and in updates leaving us in the dark for weeks and sometimes months(because Pimax days are usually delayed) just so that they can have more to talk about on video.


Hey, I got your Dmas. I am wearing it. :no_mouth:

Nothing is delayed or changed in any way to lineup with these events. In fact the events have helped considerably in many ways.

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Pimax support has told me theyve delayed the DMAS to June

Ordered KDMAS before 2 weeks and its allready in my hands. The same was with 5k+. The sad part it was 2 years ago.

What! unbelievable this… :angry:

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