So where is our DMAS? (Now Shipping)

i agree. Ive had a ticket open for a long time. They closed it since it took so long to answer, then i opened a new one and they skirted around the answer and even asked if i wanted a refund for the DMAS. Then i made it quite clear what i was asking was for the ETA of the DMAS since it was supposed to be shipped by now (according to the last update about it). Then the rep said it’s slated to release in June.


Can you tell us why the DMAS was pushed back 3 months? or is this customer service rep lying to me?


As usual, Pimax doesn’t keep his promises.
They need to stop fooling their customers.
Send me DMAS as soon as possible.

They will once it is ready. Just like the rest if waiting enque.

I contacted support and they said they would send it in July. Are these guys sloths or something?

Unless you have a working tracking number. I wouldn’t put much stock in an unconfirmed potential release date.

So first Pimax wouldn’t send my Comfort Kit until the KDMAS was available.
Now the KDMAS is available they cannot send me it because they do not have any Comfort Kits available.
Now I have to wait ANOTHER month to add to the other month I had to wait before CNY and several times before that.
Come May they’ll be some other excuse to have me wait again.



“Could you wait another month?”

April 2020

april 2020

april 2020 2

June 2020

june 2020

July 2020
July 2020

January 2021


February 2021


April 2021





Holy sh1!, that is an atrocious experience.

@PimaxQuorra your support needs to get on top of this ASAP! The man has been waiting for over a year for a product I can have shipped next day via



We sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting . Is your ticket number 13160 ? If it is right, I will inform the customer service to process your order as soon as possible. Please don’t worry. Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards

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Hello Claire,
Yes it is and I have been informed today that it should be sent out to me in a week or two.
Thank you for your help.

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What is dmas finnish? ready to ship? i order 8kx whit dmas in jan 2020. still waiting for dmas. uses headphones for now, but its not the best

You are welcome, I am glad to hear that. :grin:


Hi Godiz,

We have launched DMAS Testing Request and Recruit DMAS test volunteers.Please believe that in order to give customers a better experience, we pay more attention to the test of DMAS. We will deliver the goods asap after further evaluate our products based on customer experience feedback. And you could follow this information in this link if you are interested.

we really appreciate for your support and waiting so long.

If you have submitted a ticket, could you provide me your ticket number ? I will inform the customer service to update the tracking number to you in time after delivery. Thank you.

Best Regards,


Looks like I got a tracking number today so not long now until I finally have my KDMAS and Comfort Kit.
Just hope I don’t get with too many charges.


Glad to hear that things are finally seemingly moving forward.


Got my KDMAS and Comfort Kit a few minutes ago!
Thanks all.


Bummer I know this isn’t the thread to post this but I didn’t want to start a whole new thread.
Installing the KDMAS cracked the case further. Has this happened to anyone else?
Should I just superglue it?
This cracking business is ridiculous.

I have seen another fellow have a similar issue on Reddit. There is stronger plastic under the housing. Though that is not really comforting.

You can repair the area with an epoxy glue. Just avoid using any type of crazy glue as it can fog the optics.

Still an idea to involve @Claire on this issue.

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Absolutely not! In addition to the risk of fogging the optics, superglue is incompatible with the special plastic of the housing (according to Pimax). Epoxy is the safest bet, imo.

I’m thinking that gluing some sort of thin, strong patch on top would provide the best support. Ideally, some sort of Kevlar, fiberglass, or similar patch would be best, but try to cover the smallest area required, so as not to block the sensors.

At the risk of overkill… and $15…