So, you can't buy old style gasket or soft trap for 8KX

The new MAS and comfort kit just does not fit me. I can’t use my 8KX with those.
I got the same problem as many others with right eye out of focus, blurry image etc.

I can get quite decent picture quality if I use old style gasket and soft head strap form my old 5K+.

I contacted Pimax to buy those items, so that I can sell my old 5K+.

Here is the answer:
Thank you for contacting Pimax Service Customer.I’m Summer.I am sorry that we don’t sell gasket or cowl and soft trap now .Thanks for your support of our products.

We apologize for the inconvenience brought you.

Why !!! This is quite unbelievable. With the MAS + comfort kit the 8KX is useless, with parts from my old 5K+ I can’t sell it !!!

I’m really getting tired of Pimax behaviour. 8KX will be my last buy from Pimax.


Sell the 5K+ with the CK and MAS. Done.

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Your question has been recorded by me. Have you submitted a ticket

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@twack3r I’m selling my 5K+ to a friend and he can’t use the CM and MAS eiher. Also, if I sell my 8KX some day I want to sell it with all original parts.

@Miracle Thanks for looking in to this. Yes, I have submitted a ticket #8139.

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Hi Japo,
we can provide the old style gasket and soft head strap to you.
Send us a PM or send us an email: