Some thoughts and ideas

This is coming along nicely!

First, the “How to get started” section of the Readme needs a line in there stating something along the lines of “please disable your anti-virus software before attempting install”. I know better, but I can’t tell you how many times I forget!
I use AVG and it likes to do a 15 second “pause” on installs while it scans. On this install, it paused things 5-6 times! If you don’t click any buttons until the install is finished, the install still works fine, even with all the errors. I did have to restart a second time after AVG scanned/paused the new services and disrupted it again. Once AVG had run all of it’s scans and I restarted the second time, everything seems to be working fine.

On startup, the height was way off. Reran room setup to fix the height but placement was bad. It’s now adequate but we definitely need a way for the user to move this around.

The right panel needs some text “decoration”, like underlining, on the headers. In the green theme the panel is easy to read but on the other themes it’s hard to tell the difference between the headers and the adjustment fields.

Lol, the “SteamVR” button needs a label that says “Start SteamVR”.

If you hit the “Quit” button, the “Start Pimax VR Home” checkbox on the desktop app should become unchecked. Rechecking it restarts the VR Home.

This one is a matter of opinion, I think, but “normally” when you click on a vertical scrollbar, the page goes up or down one page. In this case, clicking the scrollbar sets the page at where it was clicked, no matter how far up or down that was. I find it difficult to navigate my games list: too sensitive to move manually and I’m never clicking in the right place on the bar. -Yes, I figured it out but it’s a pia.

Now my wishlist.
First, as turning on the controllers activates SteamVR, we need some kind of control over when the controllers turn off! How about an on/off checkbox or sliding timer?

The following will take time and I understand that this is not the focus, atm.
-I want access to the environments and skymaps. I believe that these should be treated like a “workshop” item, allowing users to upload their creations for others to choose from, but we definitely need to be able to customize these. Where are the current skymaps? I wanted to try out a couple of dds files…
-I want to second, third or whatever, the motion for a “Desktop Viewer”. I’ve got three monitors so I need to be able to see them all or choose which one I’m seeing. After 4 years, SteamVr finally got it decent.
-I’d like the ability to see/use a web browser in there (would need a keyboard). I don’t know how feasible this would be but I’ve found it remarkably useful to have access to a web browser in VR.
-I’d like to have the ability to see a web cam feed. As a free floating screen that I can position where I want it.

The thought is that, eventually, this will become more than just a name: “VR Home”, allowing us functionality in it.
Towards that endeavor, I would recommend NOT including teleportation, leaving the “environment” oriented on the actual room, not the virtual space. I’ve found it useful to put a desk in mine. However, I’ve found this choice to vary from individual to individual, so I’ll settle for giving us a choice.

That’s all I have. Seems to be working well! Thanks for letting me “test drive” it!

Edit: as we have hand modules “incoming”, I’d like to see support for them!

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