Sould we download firmware 263b for 144hz

Sould we download firmware 263b for 144hz

Sould i download firmware 263b for 144hz even if i’m still using pitool 249 cause i find it’s the best pitool so far…
2nd is 144hz with asw on better than just using regular 72hz?

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I’d recommend waiting for next pitool as 263b is an alpha firmware and many report ipd side effect(need to readjust).

You will likely need the new pitool to make use of 144.


Yea, There where a lot of problems with the IPD and profiling for me.
It was the same for 120hz when it first came out and they had fixed it then.

But, I am still waiting on a new FW/pitool to fix these issues…It’s been almost 2 months with no updates on the issue…

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Ok thanks! Than what’s better between 120hz with asw or 72hz without?

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I’m not sure @KingTodd would be better ask.

There have been a couple of updates on the forum. A new version of PiTool and the HMD drivers was about to be released, until nVidia released a new version of their drivers, which caused problems with Pimax’s software. The Pimax engineers have been working on a new release, which is currently in pre-alpha.

Hopefully, there will be a new release soon, after 110 Hz refresh on 8K+ is working properly again.


Yea, been keeping up to date on the news everyday.
Been hoping to see another pitool/FW release for 5k+ 144hz mode and other optimizations @neal_white_iii

Why is the forum acting up, Editing my past posts and now replying to me :thinking:

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The forum seems OK to me. It might be some sort of local issue.

Can you link me a reference?

If your reply is close the post and you do a full quote. The system will remove part of the quote

All i did was click on “reply” next to the post(the 3 dots) and the next thing i knew it was replying to myself and not neal.

And i did the same for below the topic.
but, instead it decided to overwrite my last message i had typed.

that was what was happening.

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Thanks will look into it. Though might just be a glitch as recall something like this has occured once in awhile in the past.