Sparkles from cable

I have sparkles on my screen and have made a ticket for them. Pimax support wants me to provide visual evidence of the problem. What’s the easiest way to do that?

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Hi tonka.

If the sparkles are present all the time sitting hmd on desk & using a smart phone should work.

Though was sure this was originally posted as not needed.



I had to do this too, you can attach your video to the ticket, there should be an upload tab or something

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Hello Tonka,

You can either drop us a video at or send it the CS team who are solving the problem for you. Just kindly ask him for the address.


How can I make a video of the sparkles? I tried VRCapture but it doesn’t work and records no image.

The sparkles arent sent from the PC and so cant be catured with software, you need to film through the lenses.

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As @ziddan said. This is why I referenced a smart phone.

Yes of course you need to film it, I don’t know what I was thinking. I will try with a smart phone but the problem is the number and intensity of the sparkles vary a lot so I will have to wait for them to be fairly intense.



Tried to record the sparkles in my 5k+ with my smartphone, but they are so small, maybe the size of one pixel, so they don’t show up in the video. I am not sure if they are an indicator of a bad cable.

Can someone with this problem describe how large or small the sparkles show up inside their headset?


When i had the issues it was pixel sized, like tiny snowflakes blinking in and out in random places.

Sounds like you have the same cable issue and filming it is difficult.

Best situation is point the HMD view at something that is completely black and then carefully moving your camera to try and get focus, maybe even zooming in before filming for the best chance of capturing the sparkles.

Hi @ziddan,

Thank you for clarifying! I have exactly those symptoms. Did you get a replacement cable?

By me it varies terribly. When I first switch the headset on there is often nothing to be seen then after a few minutes it begins with small sparkles. Sometimes they remain the same but they can also multiply and increase in intensity even becoming different colours.

Yeah they sent me a new one, response from support took two weeks which was a bit slow but the cable arrived in one week after they told me they sent it.

Yes it has been reported that for some reason the “sparkling” intensifies over time


Although the initial response was quick, I have not heard back from Pimax (Wythe) since 11 December 2019.

My ticket number is #21170.

Wonder why the communication has stopped. I did send them an email on 12 December 2019 and another one on 02 Jan 2020.

Does anyone know if Wythe is still with Pimax or should I contact someone else?

Managed to make a short video of the sparkles today and attached to another email to Pimax. Hopefully I will get some kind of response.

I don’t think that they read loose emails, only replies to one of their’s. you need to extend your ticket I believe. Wythe emailed me last Thursday.

To respond to your ticket you need to login to your support account. Do not reply to email. There Should be a link in email to view ticket.

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Is that true? I recently tried to respond to a ticket on the website and got an internal server error on submission. So I just responded to the e-mail they had sent and got a response a day later.

It was true the last time I responded to my ticket. Tech didn’t get my reply until I sent through my ticket.


I only responded to the initial email that I received from Wythe at Pimax. But no reply.

Could not find a link to my support account. How can I login there? There was only an email link to mattew.xu@, who I believe is no longer with Pimax.

The first email received from the Personal User Support Team also mentioned to login to Odoo, but did not provide a linlk. The only reference to Odoo that I could find was at the very bottom a line saying: Powered by Odoo.
Clicking on that line got me to the Odoo site which wanted me to download some kind of app. I do not know anything about Odoo and do not care when I need to get in touch with Pimax support.

Getting more and more confused.