Special Force VR with Pimax 5K XR and bHaptics Tactsuit

I checked out the bHaptics website to see if any new games have native support to when I last used my Tactsuit. I noticed Special Force VR: Infinity War is now listed as native support.

So, i decided to re-install the game, check out the updates on the game (after not being impressed with my initial hands-on with the game. I also decided to see how it played out using the Pimax 5K XR (which has become my daily driver for VR) with the Tactsuit :slight_smile:


Hello TheVRRealm,

Thank you for the supporting. We are expecting you post a review on this!




I have already covered a hands-on with another HMD back in October, but any of my future hands-on and reviews of PC VR games will be using the Pimax 5K XR, and hopefully the 8KX :slight_smile:

I have covered a little bit in this video of how the game looks with the Pimax 5K XR, and that I think the clarity is higher compared to doing it on the Rift S originally.


Hi there. Can the whole suit (hands feet face and body) be used with consoles through audio feedback?


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I only have the Vest, but I have used it with PSVR, but it has a few issues when using it this way.

  1. No games have native support, so it is not going to give you directional feedback and point of impact feedback. All you get is the whole vest vibrating with the sounds - not when you take damage.

  2. The only way I could get it working was capture card to PC, and then having the settings of the capture card to audio feedback to the PC speakers. However, when using the capture card there is a delay in the audio feedback and what is happening in game. For example; I used with Blood and Truth, and I was getting the feedback from my weapon firing seconds after it had happened in the game.

So, where it is possible to get it working, it’s no where near as effective than using it on PCVR directly. As I only have the vest and not the legs, arm and HMD attachments - I can’t really comment on if or how they work.


Got it!

Thanks for your replay!

Why only via pc capture card would work?

Do you think the delay would be with any capture card? Is it a video/audio capture card or just audio capture card?

Also, how strong are the vibrations ?


PC with capture card is the only way I could get it to work, as the vest or Bluetooth adaptor wont connect directly to the PlayStation 4. There might be other ways, but when speaking with other who have also done it for some content on their channels, they have done it the same way.

Yeah it’s the capture card that causes the delay, as there is a delay caused by that link in general. Again as with the vest I can only really comment on using Elgato HD60, as this is what I use to capture.

You can manage the vibration strength in the settings, when I am using it I use it at about 1/4 strength and it still does a great job. Having it on full can be quite powerful and you can normally hear the vibration motors over the game volume too. So, this is why I use them it at 1/4 strength


Is there any hardware that maybe can make the consoles 's audio converted in bluetooth signal?

Maybe that way we could avoid the delay?

Something like this

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Those could be an option but not sure if they would work with the vest. I don’t really use my PSVR much now, I mainly PCVR or else I would have maybe looked into trying it.


Thanks! How the vest pairs with a pc? Via bluetooth pairing through the use of the vest software ? Would the vest work without going through the vest software, running on the pc?

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Doesn’t the ps4 have an audio jack on the controller?

The vest pairs with the PC via a Bluetooth adapter and yeah is paired via the use of software you have to install on the PC.

It will not work without that software, as without it you can not calibrate which audio channel it will be translating into the feedback. Which is why it hard to get it paired to do PSVR audio without the capture card.


It does yeah but it’s only used for connecting headphones for chat and audio. I’m not sure if I can be used to transmit audio into a pc audio source .


Gotcha. Just read your other post above. Makes sense

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Hi there. Is there any way we could use the Tactosy for Hands with knuckles?

What is creating an issue that would not make it work?


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