Special Force VR with Pimax 5K XR and bHaptics Tactsuit

I checked out the bHaptics website to see if any new games have native support to when I last used my Tactsuit. I noticed Special Force VR: Infinity War is now listed as native support.

So, i decided to re-install the game, check out the updates on the game (after not being impressed with my initial hands-on with the game. I also decided to see how it played out using the Pimax 5K XR (which has become my daily driver for VR) with the Tactsuit :slight_smile:


Hello TheVRRealm,

Thank you for the supporting. We are expecting you post a review on this!




I have already covered a hands-on with another HMD back in October, but any of my future hands-on and reviews of PC VR games will be using the Pimax 5K XR, and hopefully the 8KX :slight_smile:

I have covered a little bit in this video of how the game looks with the Pimax 5K XR, and that I think the clarity is higher compared to doing it on the Rift S originally.