(Speculation) Valve Index Wireless Adapter is Coming


Oh I am really really looking forward to this feature I had a tp cast on my og Vive and although it wasn’t great I do love/miss wireless VR!! I have toyed with getting a cosmos purely for wireless but I prefer the index for everything else. :crossed_fingers: Thank you for posting.

As long as they dont do what HTC did… I read that the HTC implementationof wireless was as brute-force as you could get. Specifically:

the pc copies a rendered frame from the gpu over the pcie bus to main memory, where the cpu compresses it using the low latency variable rate displaylinkxr algorithm, taking into consideration both cpu load and wireless signal strength. this is sent via the wireless usb 3.0 link to the hmd’s sink.

to sum up, the pc ”sees” this whole mess as a virtual video card that mirrors your gpu, and a normal usb 3.0 connection to your hmd.

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That link is speculation from what I read.

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The article is speculation. What a clickbait…


At least they have something working. Noone else seems to manage. You don’t have to be perfect if you are the only one that manages to do something. They have been the only one on the market for this for a looong time, so it’t difficult to argue for something else.

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