Star Wars Project Maverick VR?

Star Wars Project Maverick VR?

Could this be the rogue squadron VR game we’ve been longing for since the gamecube?

probably not but we can dream.


I got a taste of flying an X Wing in VR on the playstation VR demo, I got so excited I almost peed myself. I can’t believe there hasn’t been a star wars space sim type VR game flying X-Wings and Tie-Fighters yet. If that wasn’t a slam dunk I don’t know what would be, look how brilliant Star Trek Bridge Commander was in lots of different ways, and the trekkies could even enjoy it as well. I’m not a big fan of standing VR games, I keep smashing light fittings, cockpit gaming is far safer.


closest we can get for now is project stardust.

(did a double take for second, I didnt see the “s” in your username. lol)


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