Star Wars Squadrons BSOD

anyone else getting a BSOD with parallel projection on?

i can play the game with my quest, no issues. i can start the game with my 5k plus but i have double vision. if i try parallel projection, the game cause my pc to BSOD.

please help! i so want to play this in my pimax headset

I just played it on my 8KX and it ran fine. Reinstall PiTool? BSOD during gameplay can be memory related at times. Try reseating your ram, and if it’s still happening you can try underclocking the ram. If your temps are high it can be gpu/psu related. Just some suggestions.

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well that did it. I turned off the system OC and now it starts fine. odd though that parallel projection would cause this?

my aorus board does an auto overclock (i just don’t understand OCing so I let the system handle it) from stock 3.6 to 5.0. does that mean that every time I want to play this game i have to go back to stock?

my specs

gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra
64gb RAM ddr4 @ 3,300

please help me stay OC’d!

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If you have 4 sticks, try it with 2 and XMP enabled. You can try to update the bios, but be careful if doing this. It can brick your mobo if done incorrectly. You can setting the timings and voltage manually. Sometimes you just need to slightly underclock the ram to make it stable, and you won’t really notice a performance change. Also check your cpu to make sure it’s stable as well, it can look like a ram issue but also be that sometimes.

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He said he doesn’t know jack Scheibenkleister about OCing and PCs in general. You’re advice is potentially dangerous.

@d8thstar , the answer too your question is: Yes. The automatic OC of the Aorus board isn’t stable, which is logically sufficient because the system is stable when it’s is turned off.
It is the board though, not PP specifically: An overclock can be unstable with too much stress in general. The Aorus seems to be overclocking too sharply.

You may have to take a less aggressive setting, if such exist, or learn how to overclock manually. One of these two choices.

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i’ve been building pcs since the 90’s, i could just never wrap my head around OCing.

that said, bios has been updated. i do’s the aorus app suit and ran an OC from there. quick test and it seems to be ok. i’ll do some stress testing this evening.

i do appreciate the help and feedback guys! and good resources for OCing, like an OC 101 class? maybe it’s time i finally learn this stuff :slight_smile:

On auto it will shove a stupid amount of voltage through everything.