Star Wars: Squadrons is VR crossplay SteamVR PSVR

Also in Spanish:


I remember X-Wing vs TIE Fighter on PC. I also then remember Rogue Squadron on consoles :slight_smile:

Hopefully this has reasonable depth and not too arcade. We’ll see.


I have pre-ordered it. Admittedly just because of the Star Wars factor (I’d rather consider myself a Trekker though). Hopefully it is not just a bad copy of Eve Valkyrie… probably that is exactly what it will turn out to be though… but well, still gonna be fun to sit in an X-Wing or Tie-Fighter once in a while.


Man seeing VR supported. I’ve been saying for years what a crime it has been that EA is squatting on the Star Wars Franchise and we haven’t gotten a proper VR game yet.

I’m going to pre-order it as well and going to make it clear on the forums that this is a

“has VR, must buy” situation

is it like that half-assed single mission in star wars battlefront?
Man this is a turning point, seems EA and all of its $$$ are finally giving VR the chance it deserves.

I’m so ordering this right now. It better have HOTAS support.


And here I was hoping it would be exactly like Star Wars Arcade. :slight_smile:


In multiplayer, you play as a starfighter pilot who will control a number of the “iconic” New Republic and Imperial ships. Together with four others in your squad, you’ll take part in “strategic” multiplayer space battles. The end goal in the Fleet Battles mode is to take out the other team’s flagship. Another mode, Dogfights, challenges players to work together to take down as many enemy ships as possible.

Seems a lot like EVE: Valkyrie, retextured. I hope they manage to do at least that well.

They haven’t released any gameplay footage yet, what is this comment based on?

The end goal in the Fleet Battles mode is to take out the other team’s flagship.

Seems very similar to EVE Valkyrie carrier assault. Which was already done about as well as it could have been.

Hehe let’s hope it’s just fun. Ultimately that’s all that matters!


Let’s hope they have support for canted displays…


…and let’s hope they have a AI bot mode… I am not always that keen to play with other users, especially not if these are 14 years old kids with no (other) life but massive ambition to beat the sh!t out of you…

I want to have fun but not have to put all my concentration of the day into that session. Or at least afford it a rating system so I can battle other users who suck likewise… :laughing:


Valkyrie was awful though, i’m not writing off this one based just on some text. I’d prefer to actually try it or at least see some gameplay footage. R6 siege and valorant are both 5v5 fps games, but they play completely different.

Valkyrie was beautiful, slick, and provided some decent opportunities for teamwork. Only thing I would have preferred differently was to have the bots disabled, which seems to have happened eventually anyway.

I really don’t get why. Sure, a few things could have been better, but ‘awful’. Naah, EVE Valkyrie had its merits.

I’d be excited for it if my 8KX actually arrived before Squadrons.


A couple of encouraging points in the description.

Balance weapons, engines, and shields like the old PC games (so not just click and blast), plus options to upgrade the components. This gives some room for different approaches.

Has single player, co-operative, and PvP modes. If there’s sp and co-op, there’s AI.


Don’t hold your breath. :rofl:

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Is EVE Valkyrie dead? I got it for free with my Rift back in 2016 and never got around to playing it.

Can it be played solo?

EVE Valkyrie has a Discord channel. Talk to people there, probably still enough people around to start an occasional 4v4 or so.

Also, EVE Valkyrie works fine with Pimax through PiTool. Specifically tested with the 8kX, which is actually a much better experience.

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im so jelly of your 8kx. when the heck ate we getting ours!!!


looks like you got your wish, they explain the systems in the cockpit pretty well.