StarCitizen - The Vehicle Experience

Everybody watch this video and tell me that they aren’t secretly working on VR support.

That’s a whooole lot of effort into adding features that would benefit VR for a game that has no VR support.

I mean mobiglass the way you can interact with the cockpit is like its made for VR.

I just wish they would announce it already!


As far as I heard the initial lead architect and CTO (Jason Spangler) was a huge VR fan and driving VR support in the game. After he left the official stance seems to be “It is not a priority”. But this info is years old again already, not really up to date…


I heard from a reliable souce it is due to come in as a feature 12 months after launch of the finished game… So sometime in 2062.


You mean before or after Chris Robert’s grandson decides that it is time for a complete rewrite?

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Gave up long ago on the initial promise of VR (why I bought in initially). I only sprung for cheap ship in hopes at least the single player game might see VR. I suspect I’ll be dead before that happens. Moved on long ago as I am no longer interested in non-VR gaming.

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