Starting Revive/Viveport games with Command Line Arguments?

Hey guys!

We cant seem to find any way of using command line arguments with Revive and VivePort games. Is it really possible, and if so, do you know how the command line arguments are added?

We are almost finished with the command line argument profile feature, but so far it works for:

  • SteamVR games
  • non-Steam games in SteamVR library
  • Imported (custom) games

When it comes to Oculus/Revive/VivePort games, we are completely lost. Does Viveport really support command line parameters at all? We havent found any documentation for it, and no online discussions regarding this.

Also, is there any Oculus/Revive game that actually uses arguments?



That is a good question. I havent had the need to launch viveport games or oculus games with command lines.

I would have to first find a game that supports commands then try it . Any suggestions on what game?

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I see. Well, I mean if - lets say - Half Life Alyx gets added to VivePort… how would it be possible to add command line arguments to thath game?

Its super odd that Viveport doesnt seem to have support for arguments, especially since most of its games (if not all) are in fact SteamVR games :confused:


lolol…yeah right. How about when its added to oculus store.

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I don’t find it odd at all since neither Oculus nor VivePort seem to be made for the geeky types who want to mess with settings… :wink: