Starvr one mura update!

I had the opportunity to meet with members of StarVR personally. At first I was mainly testing different face foams to help different faces and IPD’s. They have quite several sizes and they all provide difference on the image.

The thinnest really allows to get closer to the display and not see the peripheral borders. You can still make out the lower border by the nose and cheeks. But great. This is more for the higher IPD’s I suppose. For me the thicker foam did improve the sharpness of the image. Although not perfect due to my low IPD, made quite an improvement.


I tested their StarVR headset and notice “NO” Mura at all. Even on the StarVR home where I could see Mura, I could not see it on their unit, this made quite a difference. No longer I saw the static mesh when you move your head. Sure my eyes do not fit the perfect lens sweet spot but… this made quite better experience.

I had them test my ’ StarVR One’ unit and they were surprise to notice the Mura. They don’t know why i was seeing it. They were kind to offer lending me their unit, but I rather they send me a working one. They took my unit to study the matter and then return it back to me.

Moral of the story, if you purchased a StarVR One and did suffer from Mura even after with the display optimization, then is not that the unit is that way. Clearly something is not working correctly when deploying the Mura files via Compass. I suggest that you contact them and let them know if there is a fix for the Mura problem. It seem this could be a software issue and will likely solve it soon.

I will update you later on the matter.


Thank you for sharing and look forward to the follow-up progress.


That’s good news! Does using the thinnest face foam make only the vertical borders disappear or also the horizontal borders?

You should measure the FOV using the ROV hmd test tool with the thinnest foam:

Maybe it will be closer to their advertised 210 degrees.


The thinnest, the FOV is best, on the regular foam i could see bars on the side. But on the new foam, I barely notice them, also at the top boarder, it was not visible. Only on the bottom. With the Thickest, I got the sharpest image, but did bring some border. But still very wide, better than Pimax

PS. StarVR has my unit at the moment so I cant test it yet


But you could test it on the loaner unit, can’t you?


I did not accept the loaner. I will be quite busy the next month to be doing any sort of testing. They will send me the unit back soon.


Hopefully they can patch it… you did an amazing job.

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